Women in Wireless – London #WiWStartups

I attended the excellent Women in Wireless www.womeninwireless.org event last Thursday . The subject of the evening was Entrepreneurship – a topic which interestingly had the highest score  in a poll taken amongst the membership on “hot topics” they would to see on the agenda of events.  The sisters are doing it etc. etc?

The event was formatted as a panel debate/discussion and we were treated to the views of some very smart, very honest and very inspiring entrepreneurs (see list below for details).  Olivia Solon of Wired magazine www.wired.co.uk, one of Tech Crunch’s “Top 100 Tech Women in Europe” did a great job of moderating and the panel members informed and entertained us on topics as diverse as Angel Investors and what they look for in a presentation, (lots of passion not lots of Powerpoint), thinking Global not Local, motivations for starting your own business, and  juggling a new baby with your App launch.

For the final question the panel were asked to name one person who had inspired them. Answers in no  particular order were , Mum, Dad, Steve Jobs, Madonna and Lady Gaga.

And if you can’t be inspired by at least 1  person on that list then let’s face it being an entrepreneur probably isn’t for you!

Talking to other WiW members before and after the panel discussion it became clear that a couple of prime motivators for leaving the “comfort” of a salaried job and going it alone is the desire for more flexibility in ways of working and a weariness of having to play the political game at senior level within larger companies.  And what also became clear is that women are increasingly confident enough – and tech savvie enough – to go it alone or with a business partner and start their own tech- related businesses.

Looking forward to the next WiW event already…..

Panel members were:

• Muriel Devillers (LUMU Invest) http://www.lumuinvest.com/
• Claudia Dreier-Poepperl (adaffix) http://adaffix.com/
• Michelle Gallen (Shhmooze) http://shhmooze.com/
• Yael Rozencwajg (YOPPS Digital Media)  http://yopps.com/
• Sabrina McKewen, Wayra UK entrepreneurs  http://wayra.org/en

The event was hosted by international  start-up accelerators Wayra at their offices in London W1.

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