The great “What to wear to an interview?” debate.

What Not To Wear


I rang Trinny and Susannah about this one but they were “down the Kings Road” according to the receptionist so here is my take-it-or-leave-it advice on what to wear to an interview.

If you are a Creative.

Anything you usually wear during the day, but clean.  Female creatives – wash hair, unless rocking the back-combed beehive look .  Male creatives – check trendy facial hair for stray foodstuffs and remove any lingering remains of your last meal.  Avoid temptation to show underpants at top of trousers – this is still a recognised fashion minefield and is fraught with danger.

If you work in Client Services

The tricky one.   The answer to this used to be “a suit” for both male and female– and it was just a question of where it came from and was it too expensive/not expensive enough.    Client services people no longer wear suits to meet clients as a matter of course – and of course not even the clients now wear suits as a matter of course.  (Anarchy!)   The point of course is that agencies hire on “cultural fit” which is about shared values, interests and professional behaviour  but is also let’s face it about  “will this person look right in front of the client? Are they an extension of the agency brand?  Do they dress the part”?  The irony here of course is that while some people will come to a company already dressing the way everyone else does others quite often COULD dress the way everyone else does if only they got the job and enough money to start buying new clothes.  Interesting to wonder  how much time and effort would be saved on recruitment if agencies said– “we like you and you can definitely do the job so you can work here but those hideous shoes have to go and your CSD will be spending a morning on ASOS with you as part of your induction”  rather than “we think he/she could do the job but we are worried about the agency fit. Do you have any more candidates?”.

If you work in Planning

The “Henry Ford” (Any colour you want as long as it’s black). Or brown. Or grey. Glasses should be Prada unless they are Armani.

If you work in New Business

Male:  Suit (dark).  Shirt (white).  Tie (No).   Female:  Style inspiration: Gwyneth Paltrow – YES.  Cheyrl Cole NO (unless “New Business “ to you means laying across a jet-ski at the Boat Show)

Project Management

Something which says “I am very very organised and not too shouty”.


No-one cares. When can you start?

And finally when googling to find out what other advice is out there on this topic I found this:

“Creative agencies tend to be laid back and fashion-forward, so show personality and creativity in your ensemble.”  Readers – do not try this without the aid of an innate sense of style.

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