TEDx Brighton – The Generation Gap (and Work).

Truly fantastic TEDx Brighton event last  Friday – I went with high expectations which turned out to be totally justified.   This year’s topic was The Generation Gap and within this framework the speakers covered subjects ranging across issues as diverse as family, work, politics, the economy,  happiness,  caring, dealing with grief,  designing for dementia, Islamic fundamentalism and democracy in the Middle East, 1st and 2nd generation immigrants in the UK, what kids need from adults, what older people need from other people and what we all need to do to have more (share more). An impressive line up of speakers, some great contacts made with other attendees, some thoughts and ideas which will stay with me.

Focusing on some of the more work/career/recruitment related areas of the day however in order to stay “on message” in this blog, here are some outtakes from the event:

Claire Sutcliffe from Code Club took to the stage to explain why she and a friend have set up Code Club to help claim back a “lost generation” of software coders in the UK. As she explained, despite coding being one of the fundamental  drivers of the digital economy and of technological innovation, it is still NOT taught in primary schools in the UK. As she also pointed out most computer programmers  started coding before the  age of 14.  She and her partner want to spread the message that coding can be creative, fun – and of course a great career choice later in life. http://www.codeclub.org.uk/

I caught up with Claire in person during the lunch break at the Code Club Ideas Lab and she pointed out that despite having already started over 300 Code Clubs is schools around the UK (a fantastic achievement)  there are thousands of schools left without this type of resource. The Code Club’s mission is to give every child in the UK the chance to learn to code and they  aim to have Code Club in 25% of primary schools in the UK by the end of 2014.

Future developers gather round the Code Club stand at TEDx Brighton

In order to achieve this they need not only more volunteers to teach coding in their local schools but also MORE FUNDING to keep the momentum going.

Any Digital Marketing Agencies or Digital Tech companies interested in effectively sponsoring the talent of tomorrow?  Donating to Code Club would seem to be a great idea…..

I also dropped by the “People That Do”  stand and participated with other attendees in their survey across different generations on what motivates people at work. Attendees in different age groups were asked questions related to the topic “How Worthwhile Are The Things You Do In Your Job?” and answers were posted on a wall for everyone to see.  The one below caught my eye……..Well as a recruiter it would wouldn’t it? http://www.peoplewhodo.co.uk


What Was Your Happiest Moment At Work? Oh.

On another work related issue, Tessa Marchington practiced what she preaches and along with her conductor James Davey got the entire audience singing in a choir – which I have to admit is the most fun I’ve ever had at a conference (or possibly ever on a Friday morning).  Passionate about sharing the many benefits of music Tessa founded ‘Music in Offices’ (MIO) in 2006 and  has brought music to over 1000 office workers throughout the UK through setting up office choirs and facilitating music tuition during their working day. www.musicinoffices.com/

And if you want to hear what we sounded like click here for the video…..Off now  to practice my scales (whatever that means?)


For more information about TEdx Brighton 2012 speakers click here http://tedxbrighton.com/blog/

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