Teaching Mindfulness at Solterreno retreat centre

I’m writing this as I sit in some rather glorious sunshine on the terrace at Solterreno Mindfulness Retreat Centre in Spain, enjoying one last morning here and reflecting back on this past week.

I’ve been co-teaching Mindfulness Workshops and guiding Meditations for a lovely group of people from various walks of life and various countries. Practicing mediation, doing Yoga, walking in the mountains & teaching Mindfulness Workshops,  all under the hugely expert guidance of Retreat Director Phillip Woodward.

As usual during my time here I have gained invaluable insights in to both my teaching work and in to myself.   And again I have been moved to see how much calm and comfort participants can find within themselves and from the support of the group during an MBSR course.


This is a very special place. And it has been a great privilege and a pleasure to be invited to teach here.

For more information about Mindfulness & Yoga courses at the Solterreno retreat centre please visit http://solterreno.com/

For information about my Mindfulness teaching for business and MBSR courses in Shoreham By Sea, please go to my Mindfulness  page.

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