Recruitment guy creates Cannes social media storm

Found this gem today on The Wall, the Revolution magazine blog. The italics are mine.

“Leo Burnett’s David on Demand stunt for last year’s Cannes International Advertising Festival is estimated to have generated a year’s worth of social media traffic in a week, according to

David on Demand: fans followed his exploits on Facebook and Twitter

For those not familiar, David on Demand centred around a Leo Burnett employee, David Perez (his job is to recruit staff), who was promised a trip to Cannes on the proviso that for a whole week, his life would be streamed live on the internet and he would undertake tasks set by tweeters. So David ended up with a tattoo, shaving his head and going parasailing. He also received 3.5m tweets and a million people from 132 countries viewed the campaign.

How much use is it as a blueprint for winning social media traffic?”

Well I’m not sure – but it sure is a hell of a blue print for what to do with your in-house recruiter when there’s no recruitment going on.  I wonder if any US recruitment firms tweeted “Put me on your PSL at a flat fee of 25% and then  hire 5 people through me.”

I would’ve.

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