More on Stress at Work. Are you multi-tasking or just unfocused?

 As promised in my last post for I’m currently blogging about what people from various professional walks of life are saying about some of the issues related to stress at work and work/life balance and sharing some of the viewpoints and research which I have found interesting.

So here is the latest batch of interesting reads:

Up first an article from 2012 by David Gelles the Financial Times Mergers & Aquisitions correspondent – “The Mind Business” in which he states that

“25% of large US companies have now launched ‘stress-reduction’ initiatives”.   The article lists companies who are exploring meditation and mindfulness practice and in some cases yoga as way to decrease stress levels and increase performance levels among employees.  As well as the companies you might expect to see (yup –Google) apparently General Mills, US retailer Target, First Direct, and healthcare benefits provider Aetna are all keen adopters of this type of approach.

In fact at General Mills the Mindfulness Meditation programme has been so widely adopted and is perceived as having been so beneficial to employees and to the business (400 have taken part since its inception in 2006 including several of the company’s senior management) that the person responsible for introducing it to the company –a senior  employee in their legal department of 15 years standing – has now founded something called the “ Institute for Mindful Leadership”.  Her name is Janice Marturano – see full FT article here:

And for further reading visit her recent (23rd Feb 2013) article in The Huffington Post

And finally here’s what a recent article on the The Guardian careers blog had to say:

“Mindfulness can help to reduce stress and anxiety and conflict, and increase resilience and emotional intelligence, while improving communication in the workplace.

When trying to decide whether you are mindful, consider the following points. In the last week have you found yourself:

• Unable to remember what others have said during conversations?

• With no recollection of your daily commute?

• Eating at your desk without tasting your food?

• Paying more attention to your iPhone than to your nearest and dearest?

• Dwelling on past events or dreading what the future holds?

• Are you skim reading this article?

If you answered yes, the chances are that you’re zoning out on a regular basis, spending at least some time on autopilot.”

Mmmm. Busted.

Rolling out the yoga mat now and….Breathe.







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