Leading through changing times requires flexibility, emotional intelligence, empathy  and resilience. Developing and maintaining these requires attention and practice.

Businesses need effective leaders that can set goals, inspire people and guide an organisation to success. They also need leaders who take responsibility for their own internal balance and personal development and who see Leadership as an ever-evolving skill which can be developed and improved.

Leadership Coaching

The Benefits of Leadership Development Coaching

The business landscape is moving at an unprecedented speed and many companies are going through periods of intense and rapid change.  Sometimes this change can be motivational and exciting – at other times it can seem relentless and exhausting. I use my training as a Personal Performance Coach and as a Mindfulness Teacher to work on an individual basis with clients who wish to be the best they can be for themselves, their organisations and their community.

Benefits include:

  • increased self-awareness
  • motivation
  • enthusiasm
  • better work prioritisation
  • improved confidence
  • enhanced ability to understand stress and the mind and how to work more skilfully with it.

Please call me to discuss something tailored for you.

Leadership Development Coaching - how it works

 Sessions can be tailored to meet you or your organisational needs. Usually they take the form of a coaching package which includes:-

  • An introductory session
  • Coaching sessions of 60 or 90 minutes each
  • An evaluation of success against identified goals.

If you are interested about how Leadership Development Coaching can help you or your organisation, take a look my testimonials and contact me for a no-commitment, informal chat. You can call me on my mobile +44 (0) 7825 775 165 or use the contact form here.

What my clients say

  • “Over the course of ten sessions Claire coached me on a range of topics relating to how I engage with my business, which have been really useful to me as my firm grows and I transition from my old world of doing a bit of everything operationally to a more strategic role. Claire’s had a great knack of making me focus on the issues, helping set clear objectives and subsequently measuring these. I’d definitely recommend her to any business owner who’s addressing change within their own role and the firm they run.” Alick Mickhall, Managing Director, Miggle

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