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Mindfulness Programs & Mindfulness Workshops for Business & Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Courses for the public.

Mindfulness at Work


Practicing Mindfulness meditation on a regular basis enhances a person’s ability to be fully present. And that present awareness creates greater choice on how we respond to the changes, pressures and challenges that we encounter in life.


Recent research provides strong evidence that practicing non-judgmental, present-moment awareness (a.k.a. Mindfulness) changes the brain  Anyone working in today’s complex and rapidly changing business environment would do well to explore this highly effective practice.

I offer a variety of Courses (group & individual) and Workshops (group). Taster Sessions are also available for either individual or group services – please give me a call to discuss what might work for you.

For CORPORATE CLIENTS and those companies with multiple locations wishing to run larger Mindfulness Programs I work collaboratively with Sinem Aksay,  an experienced Mindfulness Teacher with history of working within and for multinational Corporates.

Adhering to the UK Good Practice Guidelines for Mindfulness Trainers, Sinem continues to develop her training skills by following the Bangor University Teacher-Training Pathway. She is also currently enrolled on a Mindfulness at Work Certificate programme co-presented by Oxford University and Bangor University and a Master’s programme on Mindfulness Intervention at Bangor University.

She holds a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from the University of Calgary (Canada) and Middle East Technical University in Ankara (Turkey) as well as an MBA from Suffolk University in Boston (USA).

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I comply with the UK Network for Mindfulness-Based Teachers Good practice guidelines for teaching mindfulness-based courses and I am registered  on the Mental Health Foundation  website Be Mindful


CLICK HERE for a guided 5 Min “3 Step Breathing Space” Meditation.  Recharge, Refresh & Refocus.

What's available

I am a qualified Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Teacher with the Mindful Academy  and a WorkplaceMT (Workplace Mindfulness Trainer) Certified Trainer.  This course was originally developed by a team working with Mindfulness pioneer Professor Mark Williams at Oxford University Mindfulness Centre and especially adapted for the workplace.

Courses offered are as follows:

One to One Mindful Leadership Courses

1:1 Mindfulness Courses for Leaders and Senior Executives


Group Mindfulness Course (Business)

Mindfulness Courses delivered at your place of work for Groups of between 10 & 20 people



Mindfulness Workshops (Business)

Mindfulness Workshops, Team Building Sessions and “Taster Sessions” for groups of 10 to 40 people



8 week MBSR Courses & Mindfulness Meditation Taster Sessions in West Sussex.

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Classes

What my clients say

  • “Claire’s course is a very thorough introduction to the ideas and techniques behind mindfulness practices. Over the the 8 sessions the course equipped me with the ability to use mindfulness techniques in managing teams, people and meetings with pleasing results. Claire is very organised and draws on a wide range of resources to help participants to get the most out of the course.” Andrew Farrell, CEO, Matchbox Mobile

  • “The impact coaching has had on my business has been significant. Claire has helped me break down my jumbled skein of thinking in to a neat skein of wool! By that I mean I mean I knew what I had to do but no idea what order to do it in…..by helping me identify small steps and challenging my limiting beliefs Claire has enabled me to take my business forward with confidence.” Small Business Owner, Brighton

  • “So far I have been sticking to my plan: it feels robust, achievable, focused, and fun. I have been exercising, attracting new clients, re-committing to where I live and the good decisions I’ve made in the past, as well as enjoying the process. To sum up the overall impact of the coaching sessions, I would say four words: Confidence, Focus, Action, Enjoyment.” Creative Freelancer, Brighton

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