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“I would definitely recommend this course, both new to mindfulness and to those who have already practised….this 8 week course binds together perfectly the basic theory, regular practise and support….Claire’s way of teaching encourages to explore oneself deeper, and to understand yourself as a mind-body being. This course can be life-changing and it definitely supports a more balanced and fulfilling life.”

Sini Mustikkamaa 8-WEEK COURSE online participant 


Next 8 week Course starts: 13th January 2020. Spring Course starts April 15th 2020.

The 8–week Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) is a course in simple meditation practices that can help us develop the skill of being present with our internal experience (physical sensations, thoughts and emotions) and with our external experience (interactions with others, actions in the world) and in the interplay between the two.

Mindfulness can help us become less stressed, happier, and more focused.  It can also offer us greater awareness, choice and freedom towards how we respond to both the unpleasant and pleasant aspects of our lives and to its challenges.

Participants will be introduced to the key principles of living mindfully,  and to some of the core meditation practices to help cultivate mindfulness in daily life.  They will also leave with of ideas of ways that they can begin to develop their own practice.

The Live Online 8 week MBSR course is run exactly the same way as an in-person course. Instead of travelling to an external location once a week however, we connect through the Zoom conference system for 2.5 hours once a week over a period of 8 weeks. The sessions are led in the same way with the same curriculum as in-person courses each session combining didactic parts as well as practice together with the group led by the teacher. After each session participants are given home practice to complete during the following week.

PLEASE NOTE: completion of this 8-week course is automatically accepted as entry criteria to the Mindful Academy Teaching Training pathway for Mindfulness MBSR Teachers.

Mindfulness Workshops take place at the Yoga Garden between Horsham & Worthing in West Sussex.

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ONLINE LIVE 8 week MBSR Course

Introduction to Mindfulness Workshops @The Yoga Garden

What my clients say

  • “Over the course of ten sessions Claire coached me on a range of topics relating to how I engage with my business, which have been really useful to me as my firm grows and I transition from my old world of doing a bit of everything operationally to a more strategic role. Claire’s had a great knack of making me focus on the issues, helping set clear objectives and subsequently measuring these. I’d definitely recommend her to any business owner who’s addressing change within their own role and the firm they run.” Alick Mickhall, Managing Director, Miggle.

  • “My coaching sessions with Claire were a hugely positive experience. I have since gone on to complete the actions and goals that I set myself in our meetings. The coaching helped me to order my projects and ideas in a way that made it a simpler, more focused task to get them completed. I now feel more organised and have greater confidence in how I approach my work. I feel that my longer term goals are more achievable as a result. I am already using some of the tools from the sessions in my current planning of new work streams and would definitely like to work with Claire again in the future.” Mark Slade, Account Director, Propellernet, Brighton

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