On board with the Internet Advertising Bureau

Very pleased to announce that we are now fully paid up  members of the Internet Advertising Bureau, the leading trade association for digital and mobile advertising.   Looking forward to attending some of their excellent events and seminars this year and meeting  with some of the great and the good from the mobile and digital marketing industry.  They also provide a great research and educational source with some particularly useful handbooks and guides to  Mobile Marketing which are available to download from their website by non-members as well as members.  So get swotting.
Oh and the IAB very kindly Tweeted the following which may well be first and last time you get see us mentioned in the same paragraph as one of our leading supermarket chains. Or maybe not………
“Last week we welcomed @doubleverify, @clairegriffin, @sainsburys & @nectar as members. Find out about membership – http://t.co/N9fqi27h

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