IAB Mobile Engage 2012 and How Louis Theroux found himself on Twitter

Photo: Caroline Irby
Broadcaster Louis Theroux will be the final speaker at this year’s Mobile Engage, taking place at the Grange Tower Bridge Hotel on 17th May. Theroux joins leading figures from Twitter, Shazam, O2, WIRED magazine, Unilever, Domino’s Pizzas, Debenhams and Marks & Spencer at Europe’s largest mobile marketing conference.

This post was going to be about the IAB Mobile Engage event coming up later this month, however after entering their Twitter competition last week to guess the name of this year’s celebrity speaker (I got it wrong with Simon Amstell, my Researcher got it right with Louis Theroux) I checked out Louis’ Twitter profile.   That lead me to his Blog which led me to his interesting post about reclaiming his own Twitter page from several fake Louis Theroux with significant numbers of followers (it one case more followers than the “real”  Louis Theroux.)   Which throws up some interesting questions about identity and social media.  Not to mention social media and its value as an “authentic voice” for Brands.

As Louis  puts it:

“Initially I was in the weird position of having to prove I was me and not an impersonator myself, like the main character in a Philip K. Dick short story.”

So having entered a competition on Twitter to win tickets to IAB Mobile Engage by guessing Louis’ name, I was then led via Twitter to him writing about how his name has been used by people masquerading as him on Twitter.

I’m sure the real Louis Theroux will be an excellent speaker.  And it will be interesting to see what all the Louis-a-likes Tweet about Mobile Engage.

I may have to lie down now – my head is hurting……..

NEWSFLASH:  since adding this post this morning Mr Theroux’s website has mysteriously disappeard.  So maybe it wasnt the real one after all??!!!

HOLD THE FRONT PAGE 16/5/12 – It’s back up again! Blimey Louis – I can’t keep up….





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