7 Key Facts – Mindfulness Meditation

What is Mindfulness Meditation? I just got back from the amazing Solterreno Retreat in Spain and a 12 day TTR1 Teacher Training Course in MBSR – Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction.   An incredible ... [read more]

Shameless sales pitch

Kicking off 2012 with shameless sales pitch here. And why not? Last year I successfully worked with some of the most exciting and innovative mobile and digital agencies in the UK and globally ... [read more]

Ding Dong Merrily etc

After a fantastic 2011 working with some great clients we decided that rather than send fancy digital cards we'd rather spend the money on something more helpful to the community in London. ... [read more]

Creativity comes from everywhere

I attended the annual Guardian Advertising Summit last week in London. This year’s subject matter was “Making Sense of Disruption. Building for a Profitable Future” and there were many inspirational speakers from ... [read more]

Things are hotting up

End of one financial year. Start of another. Moving to towards Q2. Spring is in the air. And despite the national and international news verging on the apocalyptic the digital, integrated and ... [read more]

Interviewing “other kinds of people”

Not everyone who conducts an interview has been trained to conduct an interview.  Although interviewing potential recruits is something which most Managers will do at some time, and interviewing and hiring the ... [read more]

Example List of Behavioral Interview Questions

Behavioral questions are particularly useful for interviewing candidates when you are trying to asses TRANSFERABLE skills and experience. They therefore offer a useful methodology for assessing the quality of a candidate you may ... [read more]

Dear Mr. Zuckerberg

Many column inches devoted last week to Mark Zuckerburg's accouncement that Facebook is launching a service which will combine messages, email, instant messages and SMS.  Also in the news recently that Facebook ... [read more]

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