Big Up Brighton. Silicon Beach Quotes & The Fuse Report.

“I love San Francisco and Brighton has something of the San Francisco about it. It’s by the sea, there’s a big gay community, a feeling of people being there because they enjoy their life there.”

Brian Eno

“Steve Jobs, the late co-founder of Apple, liked to describe his company as existing “at the intersection of technology and liberal arts”. Jobs himself grew up in Mountain View, California, the Silicon Valley city that is today the home of technology innovators such as Google and Salesforce. However, this integration of technology and creativity is being echoed closer to home. Some 40 miles south of London, Brighton has developed its own cluster of creative and digital businesses, known to some as Silicon Beach. The research identifies a new category of high growth firms within this cluster, that are ‘fusing’ and ‘superfusing’ to create an extraordinary competitive edge. Fused businesses are those that combine creative art and design skills with technology expertise. Among Brighton’s cluster, two thirds are considered fused and believe in the competitive advantage of combining diverse skills and knowledge.”

“Arts and Humanities and technical subjects, value capture and value creation, advantages and disadvantages, public and private, hard-headed entrepreneurialism and softer, and even rebellious, cultural values enhance each other by being fused. This is the lesson of Brighton.”

The Brighton Fuse Report – October  2013

I hate going out in Brighton now. It’s different in London. People respect you more there.

Katie Price

Fess-up note:  the photo in this post was pinched from “Ginger” Mick Habeshaw Robinson, proprietor of the Hotel Pelirocco, the Original Rock n Roll Boutique Hotel, Brighton.  And if you haven’t stayed there yet – you really should.


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