Attracting talent – Seth knows best

I wanted to write a post on the subject of attracting the right talent to your business – turns out Seth Godin already posted what I wanted to say and said it so well I’m just going to quote it verbatim.

“Hiring is what you do when you let the world know that you’re accepting applications from people looking for a job.

Recruiting is the act of finding the very best person for a job and persuading them to stop doing what they’re doing and come join you.

Hiring is easy and fast and is basically a retail operation.

Recruiting is artful and slow and is essentially a direct marketing effort.

Recruiting raises the bar because it demands you have a job worth quitting for. The recruiter doesn’t solve an urgent problem for the person being recruited, in fact, they create one. That person already has a job (hence no problem). The problem being created is that until they change over to your job, they’ll be unhappy. That’s a huge hurdle for a job to overcome, which leads to this key question:

Is your job opening so good you could recruit great people for it?

If not, perhaps you need to work on that.”

And, I might add, perhaps you should work with a good 3rd party  consultant who can help you work on that.  Emphasis on the GOOD of course.

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