Announcing our new Integration Executive Coaching Service

We are very excited to be working with Alastair Hill Associates to offer an exclusive new Executive Coaching service  to Claire Griffin Talent clients

Aha! already works with clients such as Ogilvy Group, Mindshare, TMW, Marketing Sciences, Synergy, Haygarth, Iris Nation and Pod1 and we have teamed up to offer an Integration Executive Coaching (IEC) service to support Claire Griffin Talent senior hires during the first few months of their employment. The role of the IEC is to be an objective sounding board for the new employee, allowing he or she to work through all the obstacles and situations that come with a new role.

Claire Griffin Talent and Aha! both understand the importance of hiring AND retaining the right key senior talent in the most timely and cost  efficient way and we have the experience and know-how to ensure our clients do just that.

For more information about our Integration Executive Coaching service please visit our Executive Coaching Page.


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