Entreprenuers: 7 Key Questions you should ask about your company’s Culture

You are the owner or founder or director (or all 3) of a growing digital business and you are justifiably proud of your company culture. You reference it on your website, in your job descriptions and to your clients.  It is a culture which is reflective of you, your values and beliefs and you set out to hire people who share in those values and beliefs and in a common vision for the business.

But as you move – happy days! – from being a Start-Up to a bona fide SME, how certain are you that the culture you set out to build is still flourishing?

Here are 7 Key Questions you should be asking yourself and your co-Directors about your Company Culture.

1.  Who sets the pace within the company?

2.  What kind of a role model are they?

3.  Is the emphasis on the’ process’ for completing a task or is the only thing that matters the end result?

4.  What behaviours are rewarded/tolerated/condemned?

5.  Are company values supported by time and money?

6.  What do your employees most appreciate about working for your company and how do you assess this?

7. What is the single most important quality you look for in a person seeking to join your business?

And remember:

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