5 Good Reasons Why You Should Be Recruiting a Non-Executive Director

The Non-Executive Director is the best kept secret of many  successful companies.

The right non-exec contributes a wealth of knowledge, experience and contacts to the business at a fraction of the cost it would take to bring on a very senior full-time higher.  They act effectively as a guide and mentor to the business, very often at a point where companies are looking to step up to the next “level” – from start-up to SME. They may also have a mature network of existing contacts to bring to the table – contacts built up over many years  which can more quickly add value to your business than those which you may still be nurturing yourself.

So here are  the 5 main reasons your business may benefit from the right Non Exec Director:

They can connect you with the right people. “It’s not what you know it’s who you know” in other words.  You benefit from their contacts and from the respect they have already earned amongst those contacts during their career.

They are able to see the Wood not just the Trees. The non-executive director does not work with the company full time. They have no interest in the day to day running of the business  but are there to focus on the Big Picture.  They don’t get bogged down in the the day to day running of things (“next item on the agenda, the coffee machine”) but are there to help you stay focussed on your overall business goals.

Problem Solving. They can help you through the bumpy patches and often anticipate problems before they arise – after all they’ve probably seen it all before.

They tell it like it is.  They  stay above board room politics.  Part of their role is to offer un-biased and constructive criticism at all times, ask probing questions and generally make sure the company and it’s board are on track and running to the best of their ability.

They’ll bring out the best in you. And in the rest of your board members.  Like a cross between Usain Bolt’s trainer and his favourite running partner, your non-exec director will provide the experience, the strategy, and the motivation to make your company a winner.

For more information on how Claire Griffin Talent can match your business with the right Non-Exec Director, call me on 07825 775 165 or email me at claire@clairegriffintalent.com


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