7 Key Traits of The 21st Century Mindset Worker

How many of these traits do you recognise in yourself, your employees or your colleagues?  How many do you need to develop further?

The 21st Century Mindset Worker:

1.  Is adept at solving complex, multidisciplinary, open-ended problems – which typically don’t have a single right answer. Often, this work involves groups of people with different knowledge and skills. In in this type of situation the 1st question that the 21st Century Mindset Worker asks him/herself is “What resources do I have (time, money, people, research etc.) which can help me here?” not “What is the right answer?”

2.  Thinks critically and can make selective judgments about the barrage of information that comes her way every day—on the Web, in the media, in homes, workplaces and everywhere else. The ability to select quickly and effectively and then stay focused is a “mind muscle”  she understands she needs to keep flexing.

3.  Is always ready and eager to engage in Creative and Entrepreneurial thinking. The creative industry has always valued the ability to think unconventionally, question the status quo, imagine new scenarios and produce work which delights and astonishes clients. The Digital technology industry now demands this ability, as the need to rapidly and continually find better ways of doing things better continues to drive it.

4.  Creates jobs for himself and potentially for others using the ability to recognize and act on opportunities and the willingness to embrace risk and responsibility. He understands that expecting a career path which has been mapped out for him by someone else is no longer realistic. He curates a “team” or a network around him to help him navigate his way through an increasingly complex and fragmented career marketplace.

5.  Communicates and collaborates with teams of people across cultural, geographic and language boundaries – and yes that does mean sales people communicating with the tech team and vice versa! The 21st Century Mindset Worker is skilled at interacting competently and respectfully with other people – clients, colleagues, employees, bosses, suppliers, peers…. She acknowledges her responsibility for learning more about herself and the way her mind works and how her responses are triggered, so that she can more effectively understand and work with others.

6. Has signed up to the idea of life-long learning and accepts responsibility for his own continuous professional and personal development using the help of Coaches, Mentors, Trainers etc.

7. Understands that how we ARE directly impacts on what we GET in business and in life.

With thanks to Wired Sussex and the Digital Skills Summit and in particularly to Chris Baker, Director of Economic and Social Engagement at the University of Brighton for sharing information with me which inspired this Post

To learn more about how Coaching and Mindfulness Training can help you develop  a 21st Century Mindset contact me at claire@clairegriffintalent.com or + 44 (0) 7825775165





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