What my Mindfulness course participants say….

Mindfulness Training & Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Courses

“I would definitely recommend this course as an insight into mindfulness and its benefits.  Claire is very engaging and will make you feel at ease even if this is a totally new area for you.” Louise Gibbons, Director, Location Marketing, November 2019

“We invited Claire to provide a four week Mindfulness course in-house as part of our Wellbeing Programme. From our initial meeting onwards it was clear that Claire is highly credible  and perfectly suited to this sort of activity. She successfully combines business experience, commercial acumen and mindfulness coaching in a way that ensured maximum buy-in from all attendees, and as a result many benefits have been felt by them and the course received excellent feedback. We will continue to work with Claire on an on-going basis as she made a tangible contribution to our commitment to employee wellbeing.” Claire Parkin, HR Director 15below Jan 2018.

Highly recommended course , I will share with all my friends as a MUST experience especially now days in our auto pilot life style. I am practicing EVERY DAY – even if it’s 5 min, and I noticed a difference after the first week. Meditation changes your brain in so many ways, you’ll never go back to the way you were. … I’m currently looking for the “next step” in this journey. Fanika Nikic, Professional Coach, Dubai. January 2020 8 week online MBSR course participant

I am very happy and confident to recommend the course 8 week MBSR online with Claire. I have learn a lot and experienced a lot too. The sessions are well structured, growthful, safe and provide a real opportunity, being on- line, to access them. Personally I could not be more happy with my experience, it was just what I needed and I am so confident in the teaching here that I will choose to continue to study with Solterreno / Claire in the future. Lesley Kidd, France. January 2020 8 week online MBSR course participant

“Claire’s course is a very thorough introduction to the ideas and techniques behind mindfulness practices. Over the 8 sessions the course equipped me with the ability to use mindfulness techniques in managing teams, people and meetings with pleasing results. Claire is very organised and draws on a wide range of resources to help participants to get the most out of the course.” Andrew Farrell, CEO Matchbox Mobile

I would highly recommend the MBSR course…A wonderful investment for life, offers more than any holiday can, since the effects are everlasting.  Sarah,  MBSR Group Course participant

“Over the course of ten sessions Claire coached me on a range of topics relating to how I engage with my business, which have been really useful to me as my firm grows and I transition from my old world of doing a bit of everything operationally to a more strategic role. Claire’s had a great knack of making me focus on the issues, helping set clear objectives and subsequently measuring these. I’d definitely recommend her to any business owner who’s addressing change within their own role and the firm they run.” Alick Mickhall, Managing Director, Miggle

“My coaching sessions with Claire were a hugely positive experience. I have since gone on to complete the actions and goals that I set myself in our meetings. The coaching helped me to order my projects and ideas in a way that made it a simpler, more focused task to get them completed. I now feel more organised and have greater confidence in how I approach my work. I feel that my longer term goals are more achievable as a result. I am already using some of the tools from the sessions in my current planning of new work streams and would definitely like to work with Claire again in the future.” Mark Slade, Account Director, Propellernet, Brighton

“Working with Claire as my coach over the past six months has been truly transformational. I went from having so many ideas, plans and strategies for building my business, I couldn’t see the wood for the trees, to reaching a number of major milestones in my business growth. Claire is able to get straight to the heart of what’s holding you back and help you find the best way to overcome the obstacle and move forward. I’ve seen a major shift in my mind-set and my business results working with Claire. She has been incredibly patient and supportive as I’ve been riding the entrepreneurial wave, holding me accountable and also celebrating my successes. As a coach I understand the value of having a coach but I truly believe everyone building their own business needs a coach too. When you’re a business owner there’s no great distinction between life and business and Claire provides a sensitive approach to working with you on your business goals but also taking into account the personal aspect too. No matter how stuck or overwhelmed I have felt before a session, I alway leave with clarity, confidence and an action plan to move forward. Claire has a natural and powerful ability to inspire you to reach for more and challenge you to step up. I would highly recommend working with Claire on growing your business but also as an entrepreneur. Thanks so much for powerfully committing to helping me achieve my goals.” Emily, Life & Business Coach, Sussex

“The impact coaching has had on my business has been significant. Claire has helped me break down my jumbled skein of thinking in to a neat skein of wool! By that I mean I mean I knew what I had to do but no idea what order to do it in…..by helping me identify small steps and challenging my limiting beliefs Claire has enabled me to take my business forward with confidence.” Small Business Owner, Brighton

“So far I have been sticking to my plan: it feels robust, achievable, focused, and fun. I have been exercising, attracting new clients, re-committing to where I live and the good decisions I’ve made in the past, as well as enjoying the process. To sum up the overall impact of the coaching sessions, I would say four words: Confidence, Focus, Action, Enjoyment.” Creative Freelancer, Brighton

“After working freelance from home for a number of years, what had started out as flexible scheduling with a good work–life balance had gradually descending into unstructured days and wasted time. With this general feeling “stuck”, I started coaching sessions with Claire, and during our first discussion it became clear that I needed to take a step back and look at my life holistically. Coaching provided the space to examine all areas of my life and reflect on which were satisfying and which need improvement. Reflecting on goals, looking at what changes I could make that would benefit multiple problem areas, examining successes and failures in making changes – all of these helped me to think more clearly about my priorities, to understand better some of the barriers to my goals, and to see ways of making concrete improvements, so I could become more effective – and happier – in my daily life both at work and home.”  Creative Freelancer, London. 



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