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Mindfulness for Business

“The main business case for Mindfulness is that if you’re fully present on the job, you will be a more effective leader, you will make better decisions and you will work better with other people.”  Bill George, ex-CEO Medtronic, Professor of Management Practice at Harvard Business School

Practicing Mindfulness meditation on a regular basis enhances a person’s ability to be fully present. And that present awareness creates greater choice on how we respond to the changes, pressures and challenges that we encounter in life.

Some of the benefits recorded by people who have participated in a 6 or 8 week Mindfulness Program in the Workplace are:

  • Increased sense of well-being, engagement and motivation
  • Reduced work related and personal stress and anxiety levels
  • Improved ability to focus and better concentration
  • Creates mental “space” for creative and  innovating thinking
  • Positive consequences for Executive decision-making and Leadership skills
  • Improved ability to address difficult situations or conflict via higher empathy/EQ levels
  • Greater resilience during periods of change & more skilful responsiveness to challenge
  • Mastery of workload in the  “always on” 24 hour connectivity environment
  • Cultivates a sense of cohesion and support within teams

Establish a regular Mindfulness practice boosts our resilience and emotional intelligence, makes us feel happier, less stressed and has even been shown to create new neural pathways and change the shape of certain parts of the brain.

Studies by the National Institute of Health UK, the University of Massachusetts, and the Mind/Body Medical Institute at Harvard University suggest that mindfulness at work:

  • reduces employee absenteeism and turnover
  • improves cognitive functions such as concentration, memory and learning ability
  • increases employee productivity
  • enhances employer/employee and client relationships
  • improves job satisfaction

Many companies now understand  the competitive advantages of helping their employees and senior leaders to cultivate better resilience in the face of the rapid changes and challenges of the “always-on” digital workplace  by introducing Mindfulness programs.

I am an accredited and experienced Mindfulness Teacher and Mindfulness in the Workplace Trainer,  qualified as a Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Teacher with The Mindful Academy and as a Verified Mindfulness in the Workplace Trainer (WorkplaceMT)  I teach MBSR 8-week courses in Shoreham By Sea, West Sussex, and co-teach at the Solterreno Retreat Centre in Spain. 
I comply with the UK Network for Mindfulness-Based Teachers Good practice guidelines for teaching mindfulness-based courses and am registered on the Mental Health Foundation website Be Mindful.

One to One Mindfulness Course (Business)

Tailored Mindfulness Courses & Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Courses for Senior Executives and Leaders.

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Group Mindfulness Course (Business)

Mindfulness Courses for Teams & Groups delivered at your place of work

To learn more about how I help companies create happier, more engaged, more innovative and more resilient teams, click below or feel free to get in touch with me.

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Mindfulness Workshops (Business)

I run Workshops and Mindfulness Taster Sessions for groups of 10 to 40 people. Tailored to the needs of your team and business.

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